The delegation of the European Union(EU) in Tanzania has said that a self-proclaimed organisation purporting to be an observer to the election  re-run in Zanzibar slated for next month is “simply  fake.”

The head of the EU Delegation in Tanzania, Ambassador Roeland van de Geer, wrote in a communication that “EU has no links with the organisation and has not made any funds available. The note circulated by this organisation is simply a fake note’’
“The delegation of the European Union (EU) in Tanzania has become aware of a vacancy notice for election observers in Zanzibar circulating in some WhatsApp groups. This notice bears the image of the European Union flag next to the logo of Representative Democracy,” the statement said.
Ambassador Roeland van de Geer said both the delegation of the EU in Tanzania and the EU Electoral Observation Mission (EU EOM) were unaware of such an organisation which has published an online a vacancy notice.
The EU Delegation has categorically denied sending out any such information and asked not to be associated with any damage or loss originating from the said false advertisement which was also carried in reputable websites specialising in recruitment of employees.
The Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) has so far not responded to a request r to comment on the self-proclaimed observer organisation claiming to oversee the re-run of election in which 10 political parties have withdrawn.
Purporting to be an observer organization tasked to oversee the poll of the beleaguered presidential election in Zanzibar, slated for March 20, 2016, the so-called; Representative International Organisation (RIO) has uploaded online advertisements announcing 200 vacancies for election observers in Zanzibar.


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